Get new customers for your existing product

The value of a simple variation tool

Our online variant management application makes it easy to sell your SaaS product in a more flexible way.
With Marviscale you can redefine your offering and reach new markets with variants that do not require R&D work.

Keep R&D focus

Save money and resources for the important things! Let Marviscale help your business stay focused on your research & development goals.

Do not hardcode all the attributes of product variants. Instead, use Marviscale to create the attributes on the UI-level. You can easily measure the market potential before committing on further product development.

(Example: Product variants created with Marviscale online tool)

Reach niche markets

Create new product variants effortlessly. Use the established product variants to target enticing markets with pinpoint accuracy and maximize your sales potential.

Embrace the previously overlooked and geographically narrow or spesific need niche markets. With Marviscale your product can reach and fit any market.

(Screenshot: Marviscale Provider view)

Pay by use

Do you need freemium or light version of your product to satisfy need or meet demand in new markets? Do not worry, with Marviscale you can provide for those customers with ease.

Improve business logic through feature usage-based pricing. Run campaigns, create reports and fine tune sales channels for each individual customer segment.

(Example: Marviscale enabled SaaS service)

Product features

Let us help you to make the most out of your business

Market management

  • Set up geographical market areas
  • Define new segments
  • Stay focused on the legislative borders
  • View sales progress on different markets

Choose market areas and reach niche markets that you could not serve before. Meet the customer demands with new product variants and billing models such as pay by use.

Create product portfolios, run campaigns and pilot new pricing models without overly committing.

Create and manage sales channels and retailer chain earnings split.

Product scaling & Differentiating

  • Easily group and sell valuable features
  • Select revenue models for each variant
  • Select the market area where you want to launch
  • Create campaign for each procuct variant

Marviscale allows you to scale your product portfolio to perfectly fit each market and market segment.

Offer a product variant to a niche markets that you could not serve before.

Move away from the conveyer belt approach of new product scaling and bring agility to new product launch and market entries.

Business & Revenue models

  • Select market segment and variant offering
  • Select revenue model
  • Select offered payment and billing method

Offer the correct product, in the correct region, at the correct price. Upscale and cross-sell reactively to demand. Select a revenue model from pay-by-use, monthly payments or a combination of both.

Use the Marviscale online application to define and clarify business logic by removing unnecessary cogwheels that hinder reactive market entry.

Streamline the business architecture between company vision and market entry.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Analyze market reactions to campaigns
  • Follow sales progress
  • Plan corrective actions and fine tune product offering

Use the Marviscale online application to generate dealer view, market view and customer usage reports.

Analyze reports to further increase the value. React to increase in customer demand by launching new product variants to market segments immediately.

Utilize reported data to learn and innovate new solutions towards long term organic growth.

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